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The Boston Globe

The Chicago Tribune

The Daily Express

The Daily Mail

The Guardian

The Independent

The Jerusalem Post

The New York Post

The New York Times

The Sun

The Telegraph

The Times

The Wall Street Journal

The Washington Post

USA Today


American Renaissance

American Thinker

Answering Muslims

Bare Naked Islam


Bosch Fawstin


Center for Security Policy

Clarion Project

Counter Currents

Counter Jihad Report

Creeping Sharia

Crethi Plethi

Daily Caller

Daniel Pipes

Debka File

Disobedient Media

Elder of Ziyon

European Knights Project

Eye on the World

Faith Freedom International

Far Left Watch

Freedom Outpost

Frontpage Mag

Gallia Watch

Gates of Vienna

Gatestone Institute

Gateway Pundit

Glazov Gang

Hang the Bankers

Information Liberation


Institute for Historical Review

Islam Exposed


Jihad Watch

Kafir Crusaders

League of the South

Long War Journal

Mad World News

Militant Islam Monitor

Milo Yiannopoulos

Melanie Phillips


Muslim Brotherhood Watch

Muslim Statistics

Nicolai Sennels – 10News

Occidental Observer

Palestinian Media Watch

Pamela Geller

PJ Media

Political Islam – Dr. Bill Warner

Raymond Ibrahim

Rebel Media

Red Ice

Religion of Peace

Russia Insider

Russia Today

Semitic Controversies

Sharia Watch

Sheik Yer’ Mami

South Front



Steyn Online

Stockholm Centre for Freedom

Sultan Knish – Daniel Greenfield

The Muslim Issue

Truth Revolt

Tundra Tabloids

Turkey Pulse

Understanding the Threat

The Unz Review

Vlad Tepes

Voice of Europe

Voltaire Network


World Net Daily

Zero Hedge

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