“We were hit by a disaster because we had the illusion that we could adapt Islam”

Photo: Giovanni Sartori at the 21st World Political Science Congress, held in Santiago de Chile. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Author: Rankawito.

Luigi Masseroni interviews Professor Giovanni Sartori, a 91 (almost 92) year old Florentine, who is regarded as one of the greatest experts in international political science and who has for years been an attentive observer of today’s main themes: Islam and Europe.

By: Hans den Hollander

Professor, this is where we play with our future.

Giovanni Sartori:

– A lot of stupid things are said about this.

In France, left-wing intellectuals are starting to talk about this like a right-wing. They say that multiculturalism has failed, that migratory flows from Muslim countries are unsustainable, that Islam cannot assimilate to democratic Europe …

– Those are things I’ve been saying for decades.

Are you talking like the right wing?

– I don’t care about the right or the left, what interests me is common sense. I talk from experience because I have been studying these things for years because I try to understand the political, ethical and economic systems that govern relations between Islam and Europe, in order to propose solutions to the disaster in which we find ourselves.

What disaster?

– To tell ourselves that a large Muslim community loyal to a theocratic monotheism that does not accept political power alongside religious power can be peacefully integrated with Western democratic society. This misunderstanding has caused the war in which we find ourselves to break out.

Why is this so?

– Because the Islam that has awakened in the last 20 years – excited and ready to burst, aided by new and increasingly dangerous technologies – is an Islam that is incapable of developing. It is a theocratic monotheism that has dwelt on our Middle Ages. And it is an Islam that is incompatible with Western monotheism. For a long time, from the battle for Vienna and beyond, these two realities have ignored each other. Now they have clashed again.

Why can’t they live together?

– Because free societies, like the West, are based on democracy, i.e. on popular sovereignty. Islam, on the other hand, is based on the sovereignty of Allah. And if the islamites want to apply this principle in the western countries, the conflict is inevitable.

Are you saying that integration is impossible for the Muslim?

– I say that from 630 A.D. onwards, history does not mention any cases in which the integration of Muslims within the non-Islamic society has succeeded.
Think of India and Indonesia.

So if in their Islamic countries the Muslims live under the sovereignty of Allah, everything goes well, but if …

– … but if the immigrant comes to us and continues to accept this principle and reject our ethical-political values, it means that he will never be able to integrate. In England and France, we therefore find a third generation of young Muslims who are more fanatical and evil than ever before.

But multiculturalism…

– What is multiculturalism? What does it mean? Multiculturalism does not exist. The left wing waving with the word multiculturalism does not know what Islam is and follows stupid ideas. You should think about it. The Chinese remain Chinese even after two thousand years and live quietly with their traditions and customs in our cities. The same goes for the Jews. But not the Muslims. In private life they can and must continue to practise their own religion, but in political life they must accept our rules on popular sovereignty, otherwise they must leave.

If a left-wing conservative heard you, he would consider you a xenophobe.

– The left wing is scandalous. It does not have the courage to tackle the problem. It has lost its ideology and, in order to strike its fine progressive figure, it is clinging to the disastrous case of the doors that are open to everyone. Solidarity is a good thing. But it is not enough.

What is needed?

– Rules. Immigration to Europe has unsustainable numbers. Whoever enters must have a visa, regular documents and an identity that is certain. Anyone living illegally in a country must be deported. And who stays may not have the right to vote, otherwise the Islamites will form a political party and, with their terrible birth rates, will have an absolute majority. And we must then live under the law of Allah. I have lived in the USA for thirty years. I had all the rights, except the right to vote. And it went very well for me.

And the mass landing of immigrants off our coasts?

– Every state of emergency has different stages of crisis. We are now at the last, the war stage – we are under attack, let that be clear – and in the war they defend themselves with all the weapons at their disposal, from the drones to the torpedo.

What are you saying?

– I say that, in the war phase, if territorial waters are not respected. They send planes to the Libyan coasts and they sink the boats before they leave. Of course, without the people in it. That is the only deterrent to the storming of Europe. Two to three sinkings and they will not do it. And in order to enter Europe, they will have to find other ways that are easier to control.

If one of those intellectuals, according to whom the blame always lies with the West, will hear you …

– Stupid intellectuals and self-mutilators they are. I also know that the Inquisition was something awful. But that phase of fanaticism has been outdated by the West for centuries. Islam is not. Islam has no capacity for evolution. It is and always will be what it was ten centuries ago. It is an immobile world that has never penetrated industrial society. Not even the richest countries, like Saudi Arabia. They have petroleum and a lot of money, but they don’t manufacture anything and buy any end product from the outside. The symbol of their civilization is not industry, but the market, the souk.

It is said that the contact between different civilizations is an enrichment for both.

– If there is mutual respect and the will to live together, then there is. Otherwise there is no enrichment but war. A war in which the most powerful weapon is the demographic one, which is entirely to their advantage.

And what does Europe do?

– Europe does not exist. Never before has there been a more foolish political structure than this Europe. It is a monster. It cannot even stop the immigration of people who work for 10% of Europe’s labour costs and destroy the continent’s economy. This is not my Europe.

So what is your Europe?

– A confederal Europe, made up only of the first six/seven Member States, whose president must also be the head of the European Bank so that he has both political and economic power, and a single Supreme Court, as in the USA. The Europe of Brussels, with 28 countries and 28 different languages, is a dead entity. A Europe that wants to extend to the Ukraine…. Ridiculous. It can’t even defend itself against Islamic fanaticism.

How will the Islam end?

– When we have reached the man-bomb, the martyr for the faith that explodes between the citizens, it means that the conflict will have reached its highest degree.


Source: Il Giornale of 17/01/2016
Journalist: Luigi Mascheroni
Fenixx: “Wij zijn door een ramp getroffen want wij hadden de illusie dat wij de islam konden aanpassen”
Wikipedia data about Giovanni Sartori:

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1 Comment on “We were hit by a disaster because we had the illusion that we could adapt Islam”

  1. Jared Sokol // juni 8, 2019 om 15:29 //

    This article first appeared in 2016. That was 3-1/2 years ago and nothing happened since. Nobody heeded the well-meant warning, nobody did anything. We all silently crawled into our dens and raised the volume on our TVs in order to drown our conscience. And we all thought someone else should take care of the problem, be it the neighbor, the teacher, the senator, the president, the UN, the government, friendly aliens, Annunaki, all the saints, the weather, global warming, or some unknown disaster. As long as nothing is expected of us!
    Brainwashed by TV, we’re not used to think and above all, we’re not used to think farther than each day’s dinner. We’re not used to think about the future and that’s a mistake; that’s a colossal mistake. Because the future is bleak, my friends. The future, we are going to leave for our children and our grandchildren is very bleak. The day may arrive when they would hate us for our negligence and they would despise our incompetence to act in times, when it was still possible to avert the disaster. Later on, when due to our extreme negligence the whole world would be overflowing with long Muslim habits and when the lives of our offsprings would have zero value, then – it would be too late!
    Yes, we are at war. We are under an attack. And those who are attacking us were trained for fight, violence, abuse and misdemeanor for centuries! Today, they’re even armed – we are not! Their cult, mistakenly taken for a “religion” dictates them to convert the unbelievers (giaurs) with a SWORD AND FIRE. So much for the “peacefulness” of their intents. For 1400 years they tried to conquer Europe and perhaps the whole world. They ruined the sea trade, plundered everything worthwhile, murdered 250,000 (million!) people and vanquished Spain for 700 years. Because they are circumcised, they’re not able to think farther than the 3rd chakra – find out what it means. This way they will never able to entertain higher, cultural and humanitarian thoughts.
    The prophecy of the Queen of Sheba claims that women would be the ones to get us out of this mess. Some idealists may speculate it would be THEIR women, who would wake up from the centuries of slavery and take up arms. I’d say, don’t get your hopes, you fools! Where the woman is considered a domestic animal, where the man can beat her and kill her whenever it suits him, there is nothing to expect from such poor creature. The way I see it is the way it already happened in history (check it for yourself): when the Muslim will rape and mangle all our girls and women, the children which will emerge from such unions will have their militant blood in their veins and not only ours – the blood of cowards and sissies – and some day in the far, far future, THEY will drive the usurpers out. But perhaps it would be already too late …
    Wake up, you fools! Wake up and finally do something worthwhile! The voice of the people still has its value and even though those up above wouldn’t admit it, they fear our free voice of disapproval! They fear our objections! That’s why we must oppose on an individual (or institutional) basis, but in concert with all others. Don’t imagine that another administration is going to do anything different than the existing one. Politicians have no backbone and those who are still equipped with this rare commodity are un-votable by today’s crooked standards. The whole world is heading down the sewer, can’t you see? The only way out is to FORCE those traitors that are occupying the governmental spots at this time and make them comply with your demands. You must force them to disregard the commands of their traitorous secret societies and for once do something for the people, whom they “govern” – better say whom they oppress.
    Don’t wait for anyone else to do anything. We all, as we are in this world, we all must take up arms and fight for our future. After all, we all still have our heads on our shoulders and hands for writing and fighting. Keep sending letters and e-mails of complaint and disapproval to all who have a say in this matter, be it your own government, the EU, the US, the UN, the Vatican, newspapers, magazines and every other institution available worldwide. Demand a change to the old standards! Demand their obedience! But demand it in writing, because in today’s extreme bureaucracy each received text gets its filing number, its case number and as such it cannot be easily overlooked or outright destroyed. A public demonstration of intent lasts only a day and is expected and counted upon; but written words are like soldiers (even Karl Marx knew it) and they never cease fighting for those who created them.
    Remember, if we won’t do anything right now, tomorrow may be too late. And then we would cry our eyes out, beg all those around for help and show the world our injuries and suppurating wounds and it won’t help a bit! As a human race of white Europeans, we would be finished … forfeited … erased!


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