Alarm: Dangerous tropical giant tick introduced into Western Europe

Photo: Hyalomma tick. © Anonymousnews

Caution is advised! As is now known, the first areas in Germany are infected with a kind of hitherto unknown aggressive giant ticks. The Hyalomma tick, which is native to Asia and Africa in particular, was introduced to Germany last year and transmits potentially fatal diseases.

The negative news about the spread of dangerous diseases in Europe is not diminishing. Only recently did it become known that a mange epidemic had broken out in Hessen after the disease had been largely eradicated. Now citizens are faced with a completely new danger. It is the Hyalomma tick.

This parasite is probably completely unknown to the majority of Europeans – and with good reason. The giant tick has never existed in Western Europe before – until 2018, when the tropical leech was miraculously introduced into Europe. The German synchronised daily Focus immediately spread the fairy tale of birds that would have brought the Hyalomma tick to Europe. Not only does the author find it funny that migratory birds would have suddenly taken this parasite with them after thousands of years.

A look at the internet site of the National Health Office of Lower Saxony, however, will give you an idea of what kind of ‘birds’ the giant tick could have had in its luggage. The Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF), which is transmitted by the Hyalomma and can potentially be fatal, “does not occur in Western Europe. However, it occurs in many countries in Africa, Asia and also in Europe, for example in Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Serbia, Turkey, Russia and Iran”, writes the health bureau. This should make clear who is responsible for the introduction of this dangerous beast. The extent to which a widespread plague of ticks is likely to occur is not yet foreseeable. Last year, however, there was an outbreak of tuberculosis throughout Europe, caused by a multi-resistant pathogen introduced by migrants, which quickly spread across the continent in a matter of days.

With a body size of up to 2 cm, the Hyalomma tick is two to three times the size of its relatives living in Germany and is therefore a real giant among such parasites. It is very lively and almost aggressive. Ute Mackenstedt of the University of Hohenheim describes the animal with its conspicuously curled legs as a “hunting tick” that is actively approaching its host and thus exhibits a much more aggressive behaviour than the native tick.

The dangerousness of the imported Hyalomma tick is demonstrated by the description of the course of Crimean Congo haemorrhagic fever, which the parasite prefers to spread, provided by the health authorities: ‘The incubation period is 1 to 13 days. The symptoms are: sudden high fever, dizziness and severe joint and abdominal pain. Typical symptoms are blushing and swelling of the face, as well as conjunctivary tumours and pharyngeal redness. Bleeding of the skin and mucous membranes are possible, but also the internal organs can be affected. This can lead to a collapse of the circulatory system or a shock syndrome. In the second week of the disease, death can occur as a result of liver, kidney or blood circulation disorders.

This information should be understood as a clear warning to avoid contact with certain “birds” as much as possible. Uncontrolled immigration is once again spreading deadly epidemics in Germany, some of which have long been regarded as eradicated: Welding fever, malaria, diphtheria, mange, cholera, hepatitis, AIDS, dysentery, leprosy, syphilis or whooping cough. More and more Germans are currently becoming infected with these rare diseases. Therefore: Prevention is better than cure!


Alarmfase rood: Gevaarlijke tropische reuzen-teek West-Europa binnengebracht
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  1. marijke // mei 11, 2019 om 22:08 //

    “ introduced “ jaaa …….dus EXPRES hier gebracht !

    Snappu ???


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