The Globalist Central Banking System vs Humanity: A Fight To The Death

We The People are funding our own destruction by supporting the “system”. If most of us stop funding it at the same time, we will bring the entire Globalist Central Banking system to its knees virtually overnight.  It would be incredibly chaotic but IF the People understood the system, they could create and use an alternative system of barter/another form of money; honest money like gold and silver, and agree among themselves about how they will proceed.

At this time, most people know they are being badly abused by the financial “system” but they have not been able to figure out exactly how it is being done. They are rightly looking toward the “banks” and political class but still don’t grasp the process or structure of how they are being robbed and enslaved. They don’t understand the root of the problem and are therefore unable to defend themselves. The economists/politicians who do understand either profit from the system; and won’t expose it, or they are terrified of those who run the system; and won’t expose them. Some try to expose the details of the corruption but either make things appear so complicated most people cannot understand it or offer the information in a place where the average person will never see it. In an effort to resolve this dilemma I have written this article explaining the Global Central Banking system in a simplified/condensed form I think almost anyone can understand. We, humanity, obviously cannot fight a deadly enemy we cannot identify.


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2 Comments on The Globalist Central Banking System vs Humanity: A Fight To The Death

  1. tim pietersen // november 8, 2018 om 15:23 //

    …the negative feelings in your mind that you have about Hitler are all as a result of the massive public relations campaign to denigrate his plan to escape from the clutches of the Jewish world bankers. It was a war he would ultimately lose, and there went the last chance humanity had to escape from the Jewish world bank that is now using its financial trickery to strangle the life out of the planet.

    ~ John Kaminski (pools joodse amerikaan)

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  2. Von Puffelen // november 8, 2018 om 18:30 //

    Deze man zegt zelf zijn IOU’s gemaakt te hebben voor de bank.


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