US delivers largest ammunition shipment to Europe since bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999

© US Air Forces

Ramstein Air Base in Germany has received around 100 containers of ammunition in the largest delivery of ordnance to the US forces in Europe since the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999.

The US Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa said that “a variety of munitions rolled into Ramstein during the month of October.” The delivery is intended to support NATO’s European Deterrence Initiative and pump up the resources available to US Air Force in Europe.

The Pentagon is aiming to improve the response time of the US military by pre-positioning ammunition, fuel and equipment to be able to “provide a rapid response against threats made by aggressive actors,” it said.

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6 Comments on US delivers largest ammunition shipment to Europe since bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999

  1. Duchesne // oktober 28, 2018 om 13:53 //

    It is a bit funny, living in the Netherlands and having to pay taxes for an army that has to shout “bang bang” on exercise because the ammonution for their rifles is not available…..and reading that the US army has been shipping large quantities of ammo for all kinds of weapons to both Germany and The Netherlands, all stored in US facilities….and controlled by the said people, the same that created Al Qaida and ISIS….
    it makes me wonder…

    I would like to think that my countries army would have ample ammonution and resources to defend what we call ‘our’ land and people, but no, they even go on Artic exercise without clothing, naked and afraid if it was up to the Dutch ministry of “defense” …
    Defense with a twist, because the peopte that want us dead and gone are being imported by the boatload by the same governement that runs “defense”….
    It makes me wonder…

    And so while my land, thew earth that my ancestors worked and died for and the future of my childern and other peoples is being given to a sektarian sort op two feet wanderers i have to read that others have ammonution and weapons stored in abundance on thisd very soil. For who are they? They tell me it is against an agressor, but for me my own goventment and that of the USA is the agressor. They support murdering hoard and give them the meansd to murder more…it that making a stand for freedom and humanity?
    It makes me wonder…

    Tell me why countries are being attacked without them being any threat to us or our own country. Tell me why we need to import millions of weird people who speak of killing us as our guests, and why they recieve money and houses and not having contibuted one thing positive at all, while Dutch citizens are being terrorized by the goventment to work and pay taxes, more and more, why pensions are cut and hospitals go broke even though the cost of healthcare is enourmous.
    I know, things that go broke can be bought for peanuts, so is that the next step, selling off our infrastructure to companies that are owned by the cult of death? All paid for by us, al taken “leagally” and brought to THEM !
    The Dutch government it betraying its own people, the politicians are selling our lives and futures to those openly crying out for our deaths while living of our money and lives. What would happen in nature in such a situation….and would those bastard politicians know?
    It makes me wonder…

    And so i watch sektarian crime rise, being called “incidents” as though it is a rare thing…and newspapers writing zero about it, avoiding all together the sektarian gold that is brought to us. They proclaimed to us it was gold to import these sektarians, but us is not all of us, it is some of us, them.
    I was told i live in a democracy, that freedom of thought and expression is a right and we are all equal, that no person may place another person in a lower position. Yet it is the base of the sectarians to exclude women as human beings having rights. And suddenly the laws of my country do not apply, suddenly women can be second rate things. Suddenly one cannot criticise the cult of death, the politicians and their ways. So what does a constitution means beside a stick to wield?
    It makes me wonder…

    And then these politicians want more import of creatures resembling men in form and shape but not in deeds, and taking the money in the piggybank of all peopel that contributed in both work and taxes, throughout the centuries, all being taken without consent and without both right and reason.
    Grand Theft of the nation, the arrogance that goes unpunished and well “rewarded” and therefore continues.
    The people that steal from us lose nothing, risk nothing and can avoid the concequences, get protection and live protected, they only get richer and more greedy, and so happy with themselves they have golden toilets to shit on. Brown and gold go together well apparently.
    But maybe there is a lever to change the diabolic flow of things, maybe to make it personal for them as well is the way to end their spree of mayhem and madness, because that is exactley what they do, making your life worth nothing and making you mouth silent, your wives and daughters second rate things in a world of “cultural enrichment”, two words meaning exactly nothing in their psycological picked out order.

    If our so called representing basterds could they would kill anyone opposing them, us lowly citizens in particular. In Brussels the EU has allready formed a “police” force that can operate EU wide and has no one and no law to answer to except the EU comittees questions, if they care to ask any. A licensce to do anything, to kill or torture, to take away freedom at will, self induced power that is paid for by our own money, and the price is losing all of our freedom. Even the right to exist.
    That is what it is, Brussels taking away your freedom to speak, do and live, unchallenged, with self made “laws” to soothe any questioning mind, the wet dream of any dictatorship. And all those weapons and ammonution the United States brings to our shores, will it in the future be used against US, the people of Europe? Let look at Syria, or any other war in the past two decades, thye weapons are not for the protection of our intrests, they are to be used against us. That is why European armies have little ammonution, cuts in weaponry everywhere, total disarming of Europeans while the sectarians stockpile weapons in their “hoiuses of prayer”, and if chaught nothing comes of it.
    All to subdue and paralyze the owners of this land. That is why the police hires sektarians even if criminal, to puzzel together our death.
    Our deaths for their wet dream and greater good. The are succeeding.
    I have no wonders about that, seeing how things are done and the lack of morals it is a sure thing, out death imported in “workers” throug immigration and in means to kill by US suppley openly and Erdogan supply sectretly, no word about the finds of large arm shipments and storage, total silence. The jigsaw puzzel of death for Europe comes together. The Marrakesh treaty is the lid on our coffin. Listen to the nails being hammerd in, with smiling faces and pen strokes.

    And you still wonder?
    The obituary of Europe will be signed in Marrakech in december, it’s called a treaty, lets call it a betrayal.


    as my friend says ;Δεν ελπίζω τίποτα. Δε φοβούμαι τίποτα. Είμαι λέφθερος”

    Hope nothing, fear nothing and be free.

    And lets get things even.


  2. Von Puffelen // oktober 28, 2018 om 15:13 //

    Zelf hebben de yanken de bunkers thuis jaren geleden al volgeprakt met ammo.


  3. Duchesne // oktober 28, 2018 om 19:13 //

    Even de link hierboven bekeken, maar als ik dat soort geld had emigreerde ik….


  4. It might also be to protect the Christians from the massacre that’s possibly coming.

    But before that happens, thousands of us might already be killed.


  5. Duchesne // oktober 29, 2018 om 20:37 //

    even terzijde: vandaag wasik ergens, keek even naar een wasmachine die lekte…..mijn daarop volgende internet bezoek op mijn mobiel gaf me een reclame…..wasmachines in de aanbieding bij mediamarkt. Het is niet de eerste keer dat ik een reclame krijg exact afgestemd op waar ik mee bezig ben of over sprak. Ik zeg niks, maar het is geen toeval, het is alsof de mobieltjes alles opnemen terwijlwe ze bij ons hebben en je dan reclame op de persoon sturen. Of wie weet wat met je uitvoeren…. Als dat ook echt zo is, dan zijn wij onze vrijheid al kwijt zonder stink mislam sekte….

    Alu hoed? Het begint creepy te worden in de wereld.


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