The Funding Behind the Midterm Caravan

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1 Comment on The Funding Behind the Midterm Caravan

  1. Von Puffelen // oktober 26, 2018 om 20:15 //

    Van Jim Stone die in Mexico woont.


    The actual caravan has been abandoned and left stranded in Chiapas

    The Democrats, Soros, or whoever started this caravan ditched all the women, children and families in Chiapas, (the very first state in the south) where they were forced to walk and did not make it out of Chiapas. Mexico is geographically huge (chiapas is much bigger than Honduras and it is only a medium sized Mexican state) and it is only a state. The people actually walking the caravan had no knowledge of just how huge a trek attempting to walk Mexico is, and they want to turn back.
    The Democrats and Soros abandoned them and they are crashed out at the sides of city streets and wherever they can find shade, starving, with flies all over them. Meanwhile, those who could stage huge marches for the cameras (all the working age males, a huge portion of which are criminals) were loaded onto buses and trucks, and have left the women and families a thousand miles behind. Soros, the Dems, and US Aid, which is involved in this because the men have USAID back packs abandoned the people they actually claimed were the refugees in trade for totally able bodied males who could do excellent camera stunts.

    The actual condition of the people who started the caravan is in fact horrible, and it is not just a media heart throb, they really did get abandoned by the organizers of the march who could care less if they live or die. They have children and babies in sweltering filthy conditions on sidewalks with flies all over them. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT DEFINES THE HEART OF THE COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT: Use people to the max, perhaps cause the deaths of a few for sympathy camera shots, and when their usefulness is over, abandon them totally. A large portion of the original caravan is in this condition and it is obvious some of the kids won’t survive it.

    I was correct when I said such a trek could not be done. The truthful portion of this caravan that did it as claimed is a lot less than 10 percent of the way, and is totally bedraggled and worn out. They cannot continue. I did not expect Soros, the Democrats, and U.S. aid to leave them in this condition but when it comes to communists, the more of a scene they can make the better, people really are disposable. As far as they care, if all of these people die on camera and make Trump look bad, that’s good for their politics and exactly what they want. Meanwhile the portion of the caravan that is in no way composed of refugees continues on wheels, well fed and watered.

    Ditching these people in Chiapas is a massive crime when bus tickets to save their behinds are only $200 to the U.S. border, and probably less than $100 back to Honduras. But when it comes to a cretin like Soros, $100 is too much to save a life, even after he was the one who put that life in jeopardy. It is very hard to believe these people got $7000 USD each for this, maybe instead they got pesos or whatever their national currency is. There is no evidence whatsoever of the type of accommodation $7000 USD each would have paid for this early in the game. There is definitely something wrong with that story.”


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