Trudeau ignores Belgium PM, goes straight to his wife #video

A quickly spreading-video is making the rounds on social media, showing Justin Trudeau blowing past the PM of Belgium and reaching for his wife instead.

Considering the expressions on the face of both the Belgian PM and his wife, they mostly seem to be joking around.

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De redactie van deze site modereert niet de reacties op voorhand, opdat u openlijk en direct met elkaar kunt discussiëren. U bent zelf verantwoordelijk voor wat u schrijft in het reactieveld. Het recht om de wet te overtreden, het oproepen tot moord, doodsverwensingen en dergelijke, is echter voorbehouden aan de redactie. Als we dan toch voor de rechter moeten verschijnen, staan we daar liever zelf dan dat we gedwongen worden uw e-mail-adres en IP-nummer af te geven onder bedreiging van overheidsgeweld. Dus houd je een beetje in of wees creatief.

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2 Comments on Trudeau ignores Belgium PM, goes straight to his wife #video

  1. Grapjes maken en de volle idioot uithangen, het is alsof het één groot volksvermaak is…..
    De uitbundigheid die hier aan de dag gelegd wordt is verdachtmakend ,het is precies alsof ze iets heel groots hebben bereikt ,wat? Wat is de reden voor deze uitbundigheid?

    Dat ze theater kunnen spelen is algemeen gekend ,maar dit is anders ,dit heeft iets sinister ,wat? blijft de vraag


  2. hasnoem // juli 14, 2018 om 03:21 //

    just a bad dream, mixed b-rating movies with daily toil makes a strange night:

    While your neighborhood experiences a zombie flood and gremlins are out playing in the rain, you discover almost everybody is effected with a strange virus that makes one blissfully ignorant.
    Those not struck by the virus are either struggling against adversity around the corner or dumbstruck by the people that go about like being bodysnatched as if nothing is happening.
    While left and right people fall victim, the ignorant and especially those in government agencies stoically carry on, unable to keep up with the breakdown of the community.
    A tiny group of survivors meet up with some preppers, but soon find them overwhelmed by the situation, luckily they are saved by a strange duo, a former commando and his girlfriends brother (the village idiot, she pasted away recently, fallen victim to the dreadful circumstances).
    They make it to a bus terminal, a local airfield with a functional helicopter and then an even not completely sunken ferry with a virus struck foreign captain who goes by the name Mo Dick.
    Although helpless, the village idiot seems to be more in the know how than even the preppers, they set out to find answers in a data vault after they get a clue from a dying fortuneteller, where they will discover that some high officials were privy of a pending global disaster -but this isn’t it- that was predicted ages ago. They then set out for the contingency that was set up and heavily financed under false pretense for that event in the hope of surviving their current ordeal. It will proof an adventure of its own, unraveling secrets from a drunken official that defends his stupor in light of the near total destruction of earth to come, getting past guards and fail safes during zombie and gremlin attacks.


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  1. ترودو يقبّل زوجة رئيس وزراء بلجيكا ويثير جدلا (فيديو) – أغوار نيوز

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