Racial Realities

The current liberal-democratic system operates along creedal or civic lines, and espouses the contrived notion that loyalty to the “State,” in the abstract sense, and specifically to the institutional apparatuses of the State, is the fundamental and cohesive basis of the nation. White Nationalism, being primarily concerned with genetic, racial, and thus organic civilizational continuity, seeks to organize human beings according to racial and ethnic kinship. More specifically, White Nationalism, as a form of racial nationalism, utilizes the medium of blood and kinship to define itself, its people, and its nation. White Nationalists explicitly acknowledge that race is a real, positivistically sound, and biological fact, and it is because of this shared realization that our movement is chastised and ostracized at the societal level by a hostile ruling elite which is intrinsically vested in dissociating itself from this reality.

The current regime defines the “nation” as an atomized collection of individuals, each person being greater than the whole and the community. Inversely, we White Nationalists define the nation along the lines of Blut und Boden (“blood and soil”). Our conceptualization of the nation isn’t a rotten core of intangible and ultimately meaningless democratic platitudes, but rather that of the organic nation, a racially-oriented national body, organized into concentric circles extending from the individual to his extended family of wider relations of racial kinship. In the present, European civilization is organized around loyalty to an abstract, and increasingly meaningless, State, while we contrarian White Nationalists proffer loyalty to our racial kindred and our shared genetic interests.

Returning again to Schmitt, he believed that the modern liberal-democratic State was incapable of being political, and thus unable to define who exactly is a friend and who is an enemy.

Chad Crowley, Counter Currents >>

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2 Comments on Racial Realities

  1. Greengo // juni 22, 2018 om 16:34 //

    Ivan Duque Wins! Colombia Turns to the Populist Right!!! (Brazil; Chili; Peru; Venezuela)

    Viktor Orban: We Stand at the Verge of a European Renaissance!!!


  2. Greengo // juni 22, 2018 om 16:35 //

    Thierry Baudet (FVD) over de Europese top over illegale migratie [21-6-2018]


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