Bride seeks split after two weeks citing husband ‘too busy with household chores’

A 28-year-old Egyptian bride is seeking divorce from her husband only two weeks into their marriage because her husband is “busy” doing their household chores.

Unlike many couples, who may split because their partners refuse to help around the house, Samar M. says she is already “bored of her husband” because he individually handles all their household chores.

“He cooks, cleans, sweeps and does the laundry,” she said according to a report by news website Masrawy.

Complaint to court

She complained to the Family Court in New Cairo that her 31-year-old husband, who owns a clothing store, saying “my husband did not give me the freedom to handle my home affairs, I feel like a guest in a hotel.”

“He is the ‘woman of the house’ and I’m hating my life with him. We’ve been only married for two weeks, and he is either cooking or doing the laundry because he knows how to sort the washable clothes by color. He then irons the clothes, sweeps, and arranges the food in the fridge.”…

/Samar says that he also likes to move furniture around the house several times in the two weeks of their marriage.

“I sit down watching him all day while he moves stuff around looking very happy.”…

/Samar is seeking ‘khula’, a procedure through which a Muslim woman can divorce her husband by returning the dower (mahr) that she received to marry him…

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  1. Ze kan natuurlijk niet openbaar maken dat het eigenlijk om zijn homoseksualiteit gaat?

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