How The Elite Dominate The World – Part 3: 90% Of What You Watch On Television Is Controlled By Just 6 Giant Corporations

This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse

How much is your view of the world shaped by what you see on television? On average, Americans spend more than 150 hours watching television every month, and it is called “programming” for a reason.

elitesIf you allow anyone to pour ideas and information into your mind for five hours a day, it is going to change how you look at reality. Everyone has an agenda, and every single news program, television show and movie is trying to alter your views. Sadly, our society has become absolutely addicted to media, and the mainstream media is completely dominated by the elite. In fact, about 90 percent of the programming that comes through your television is controlled by just 6 gigantic media corporations. Most of us are willingly plugging ourselves into this “propaganda matrix” that is completely dominated by the elite for several hours each day, and that gives them an enormous amount of power over the rest of us.

In Part I and Part II of this series, I discussed how the elite use money as a tool to dominate the planet. Today, we are going to talk about how they use information. If you control what people think, then you control a society. And through their vast media empires, the elite are able to shape how we all think to a frightening degree…

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2 Comments on How The Elite Dominate The World – Part 3: 90% Of What You Watch On Television Is Controlled By Just 6 Giant Corporations

  1. Duchesne // oktober 24, 2017 om 00:16 //

    …onder andere Apple, citigroup en Twitter zijn eigendom van Kingdom Holding, een Saoudische investerings groep. Werkelijk overal in onze wereld zit Arabisch geld, en worden verraders met Arabisch geld betaaald en op machts posities geplaatst. Een neutrale pers of een eerlijke berichtgeving is net zo ver weg als de afstand tot de maan met een driewieler fietsen….

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  2. Duchesne // oktober 24, 2017 om 14:34 //

    Een pers die liegt is een pers die moet worden afgestraft. Keihard en permanent zichtbaar. De neus van Pinokkio is in het verhaal de graadmeter voor waarheid, laten we het een symbool maken van leugenaars die te vaqk en te veel hebben gelogen. Laat de neus verdwijnen.

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