The Never Ending Rise of Anti-White Politics in the UK

Identity Politics in the UK

The UK prides itself on being moderate and liberal, our right wing conservatives are to the left of the USA’s democrats, and our Labour party is embracing Marxism and flying the Hammer and Sickle flag at their annual conference while extolling the virtues of the failed state of Venezuela...

Identity Politics/Next step, diversity.

Next the left decided to ally with a completely bizarre bed-fellow in order to find more victims, and make everyone an Islamophobe.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend is something the left love to practice, so they have no problem embracing a fanatical cult with a record on women’s rights, LGBTQ and other civil rights issues worse than Hitler’s as long as they’re also an oppressed minority! British Feminists have embraced the hijab as a symbol of feminism not for any particular reason other than it’s associated with Islam and why not? Nothing they do needs to make sense, as long as they’re somehow being oppressed.

Any politician or British person on the right-wing spectrum who said that gays should be stoned would be sentenced to jail for hate crimes, but Labour invite Muslims who say the same to speak to Parliament. The left are so in love with radical Islam that they marched through London with known terrorists and Labour MPs were present. Corbyn even took money from a regime which hangs gay people from cranes, whilst claiming he champions gay rights.

Their obsession with championing Muslims has gotten so bad that they routinely deny or coverup crimes by Muslims, including the rape of 1400 children, in order to protect their favourite class of people from any criticism, give them shorter sentences

/The Final Step, 92 genders for all!…

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When you're scared of jumping, you'll never get anywhere... I'm a Kafir, a crusader against the most evil ideology islam. I have in depth knowledge and that's the reason I resist and reject islam, I will bash and smash it, in every possible way at every possible moment to every possible person. I gather and therefore expose all news on islam or islam-related news on the 2017 initiated site ZEEPERTJE.COM Please join and feel free to react. Fight islam for it's the evil of our time, evil trying to dominate and kill democracy, kill all freedom of speech and freedom of religion... Islam means annihilation of all that is non-islamic, AND the proces of islamization is, together with the promotion of the leftist "progressive" behaviour (like transgender /multiculti /mass-migration /interrace-marriage promotion and therefore destruction of Western (family) values) the blower on the machine called Zionism. The total submission/destruction of the Goyim/Kafir so Human Kind! Just always remember this!

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