Tunisia is emptying its prisons into Europe

The report is alarming and comes from an MEP charged with performing an inspection in Tunisia: “Of 1600 inmates who have left prison thanks to the double pardon decided by Tunisia, at least half, around 800, have already arrived in Italy.” says Angelo Ciocca, representative of the Lega [anti-immigration party in Italy], reached by telephone in Sfax, in Tunisia, where he has gone in recent days to collect evidence about the new migrant route, after the closure of the Libyan ports.

The double pardon mentioned in the article refers to a pardon issued in June for the end of Ramadan and another in July to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Tunisian republic. They are offloading their criminals to Europe.

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Toen ik klein was zeiden ze tegen me dat iedereen minister-president kan worden... ik begin het nu te geloven.

2 Comments on Tunisia is emptying its prisons into Europe

  1. zonnigbrasil // oktober 6, 2017 om 01:00 //

    Tunesië heeft gelijk. Al die criminelen zijn goed voor Europa maar niet voor Tunesië.


  2. Ja stuur ze naar Nederland hoe meer hoe beter. Hollanders gooien we er uit. Nederland een moslim land


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