Soldiers to Supplement Crime-Hit Sweden’s Struggling Police Force

Last week, Denmark started using soldiers to free up the overburdened police force. Sweden appears open to the same possibility in the city of Malmö, which has been plagued with gangland violence and shootings.

After the Danish police proved to be struggling to tackle both the enhanced border controls and the increasing terrorist threat from Islamist fundamentalists, the Danish government decided to place 160 soldiers to relieve the Danish police to have more time to investigate the growing number of gang-related murders. One of the soldiers’ missions is guarding the synagogue in Copenhagen, which in 2015 became the target of a terrorist attack and has since been under police surveillance.

Now, Malmö police chief Stefan Sintéus has opened up his city to the same possibility. In this way, he argued, the Malmö police force, which is currently overloaded with gang crime and shootings, will have more time for its primary duties. By his own admission, Sintéus was “cautiously positive” about the Danish initiative and exhibited a keen interest in how it will develop.

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