Despite Guilty Pleas, New York Times Spins Muslim Sex Assault on 5-Year-Old Girl in Idaho Into “Fake News”

Source: Child Rape Apologist @NYTimes Turns Migrant Sex Attack of 5-Year-Old Child in Idaho into Fake News @itscaitlinhd – Geller Report

In the largely discredited and disgraced New York Times, immigration “reporter” Caitlin Dickerson has penned an extraordinarily dishonest, politically motivated diatribe about the Idaho oral/anal rape of a five year girl in Twin Falls by Muslim migrant youths.

Long time GR readers know all too well the gruesome details of this sex attack. I was one of the first to cover the story, and the only one to have interviewed the parents of the rape victim at length when the attack first occurred. Only last month, I conducted a Facebook LIVE with the parents. I have had access to those close to the victim since the crime took place. And yet in her close to 6,000-word piece, Dickerson never mentions any of my coverage; nor does she report any of the information I gleaned from conversations with the family. She never so much as contacted me. In her close to 6,000-word refugee propaganda promo, she has not one word from the victim’s family. Not one. She mentions random reports from “anti-refugee blogs,” not their reportage, mind you, but only to smear and defame the idea of them and the work they do.


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