Moderate Islam breaks out in Saudi Arabia: King allows women to drive

See? What was that you were saying about Islam and women’s rights, you greasy Islamophobe? Now Islam has shown its true, moderate colors, right?

Wrong. Saudi women still can’t leave home without permission from a male guardian. They still are subject to being beaten for their perceived disobedience, with no recourse. They can be divorced at a word. They receive a smaller share of the inheritance. Their testimony is worth half that of a man. They must cover their heads when they do venture out or be subject to arrest. All that is based on Islamic law. King Salman?

“Saudi Arabia: King Salman orders driving licenses for women,” Al Arabiya, September 26, 2017:

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has issued a historic royal decree granting driving licenses for women in the kingdom as of next June.

The royal decree issued on Tuesday also ordered the establishment of a high-level committee of involving the ministries of internal affairs, finance, labor and social development. They will be tasked with studying the arrangements to enforce the new law…

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1 Comment on Moderate Islam breaks out in Saudi Arabia: King allows women to drive

  1. polderboy // oktober 2, 2017 om 10:26 //

    In principe is de zwarte condoomverpakking volgens mij het maximaal haalbare voor deze leden van de islam, die overigens altijd herkenbaar zijn aan hun uniform, de geknipte lidmaatschapskut, welk kut alleen toegankelijk is voor mannelijke leden van de islam.

    Nergens staat dat levenslang statisch huisarrest verplicht is gesteld door Allah. De zwarte condooms zijn nu juist bedoelt om het huisarrest een mobiel karakter te geven. Niet vergeten moet worden dat in de tijd van Mo het volk nomadisch was.


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