Muslim cleric says Muslims are seen as “the world’s headache”

“If Muslims were removed from the face of the Earth, there would be no more headaches in the world – no bombings, no bribery, no plundering, and no kidnapping.”

Are these the words of a xenophobic “Islamophobe”? If a non-Muslim had said them, that would be how they would be received.

No, these are the words of a Muslim cleric who also praised Jews for winning the respect of the world “through science,” despite their suffering in the Holocaust.

He advised Muslims to follow the same path, a difficult thing to do in today’s climate, in which those who warn about Islamic supremacism and jihad are demonized. Far too many would rather continue to be accomplices in promoting the propagandist victimology subterfuge of jihadists.

“Iraqi cleric praises Jews, says Muslims seen as ‘world’s headache’”, Times of Israel, September 22, 2017:

An Iraqi cleric recently praised the Jewish people for having emerged from the Holocaust following World War II and managed to win the “respect of the world through science,” while Muslims are seen as having become “the world’s headache.”

In a sermon posted to YouTube last month titled “Don’t Be Mad. Strong Words. Imitate the Jews in This,” and translated this week by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Shiite cleric Salam Al-Askari said that after suffering in Europe during the Holocaust, where “Nazis killed and burned them” and they were “killed in droves,” the Jews, he said, “put their greatest minds into science” and “made the entire world kneel before them, and accept and respect the Jewish nation.”…

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2 Comments on Muslim cleric says Muslims are seen as “the world’s headache”

  1. Muslims are not the worlds headache, they are the worlds hemmorhoids… (aambeien…vert.)

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  2. Aambeien kan je nog afkomen.

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