Inbreeding in Islam: Over 70% Of Muslims Are The Product of Incest

It should not be alarming that the respectability of the Islamic ethical system has been severely questioned in both the far past and contemporary times.

According to an article in the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, until a few years ago the practice of murdering women to preserve family honor enjoyed almost total legitimacy within Palestine, one of the most homogeneously Muslim societies in the world. With this consideration, alongside the alarming rise of Islamic terrorism in Europe centered around Germany, and the radicalization of European converts to the Muslim faith, Islam can be rightly held under intense scrutiny by the public eye.

A Danish news outlet titled Jyllands-Posten released information in 2009 concerning the astonishing rate of stillbirths, physical deformities, and various mental diseases caused by the ever-imminent incest-filled landscape in the Muslim world, concluding that Pakistani, Turkish and Somali women are twice as likely to experience complications during childbirth. Nearly 70% of Pakistanis are the product of inbreeding in Islam, mostly due to the Muslim tradition of marrying cousins via choice or arrangement. BBC also released a study, revealing that approximately 55% of Pakistani immigrants in Britain were married to a first cousin and that Pakistani-British were “at least 13 times likely to than the general population to have children with recessive genetic disorders.”…

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  1. Dit is op hslot4 herblogd.


  2. Aha, ze komen naar europa voor vers bloed?

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  3. Het IQ in Europa is ook al aan het dalen sinds de instroom van moslims en negers en dat is waarschijnlijk ook de bedoeling van de super elite want wij zijn blijkbaar te slim.
    Dom verdeeld volk hou je gemakkelijker onder de knoet.

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  1. Inteelt in de islam: Meer dan 70% van de moslims zijn het product van incest

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