Sweden: Sharia supremacists take over Muslim political party

Swedish electoral authorities have refused to register the Muslim-led “Jasin” party from taking part in next year’s Swedish election after radical Islamists had tried to take it over.

But let’s not be too quick to applaud. The party is already gearing up for another try, and may eventually succeed, given the Islamization of Sweden. Here’s a glimpse into the Islamic supremacist incursion into that country:

  • The Swedish municipality of Nacka was just accused of buying apartments for a Muslim migrant and his three wives.
  • Swedish no-go zones have been overtaken by jihadi thugs, such that over 80 percent of police want to quit their jobs.
  • Sweden is also trying to track down over 10,000 rejected refugees who are in hiding.
  • The decline of Sweden has even seen Church leaders abandoning an initiative “aimed at showing support for persecuted Christians…concerned that it might offend Muslims.” Recently, a young Christian convert faced possible death after Swedish authorities decided to deport her to Iran. Aideen Strandsson said thatshe was told, “it’s your problem you decided to become a Christian.” Hungary offered her sanctuary.

Already, the sharia police are in operation in Sweden and still, the predominant concern of authorities is about political correctness and “offending Muslims,” even as some Muslim communities in Sweden are calling for “separate Sharia laws”

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Doe mee met 911 andere volgers

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  1. Een verloren land.

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