People flee Google as DuckDuckGo grows

Now that Google does not even hide that they monitor you, it’s good to have an alternative. The search engine DuckDuckGo has had huge growth in recent months.

People flee Google as DuckDuckGo growsIn 2013, Edward Snowden released documents proving that the NSA was conducting warrantless online surveillance at a massive scale, something many had already suspected. In the subsequent year, many people have sought out more secure software to help ensure that their digital privacy remains intact. Groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation have subsequently promoted alternatives to popular software which can be easily adopted; such as DuckDuckGo to replace Google. As a result, DuckDuckGo’s popularity has skyrocketed.

According to newest stats from, DuckDuckGo has almost doubled its global popularity in the past year – ranked as the 400th most popular website… /The search engine is far more popular than other privacy oriented search engines such as Ixquick or Searx.

DuckDuckGo has been a bit of a magnet for privacy-oriented folk with it promising not to store personal information, track you around with ads, or in any other fashion…

/Google and Google’s YouTube, along with Facebook and Twitter, are also submissive to Merkel and the EU’s new guidelines to kill free speech, so switching to DuckDuckGo instead of Google, is thus highly advised not to support the company complicit in destroying free speech…

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4 Comments on People flee Google as DuckDuckGo grows

  1. Uit de tas van google en youtube geklopt in dollars .
    Since vrijdag 8 september 2017 16:23, clicked 15420 of the 15448 ads collected (300 showing), total estimated cost = $23985.98
    En zo sla je terug wil je weten hoe en ben je de censuur en schending van je privacy ook zat ? video met uitleg .

    Prog s used:
    Trackmenot = een auto klikker
    Firefox browser 51.0.1 ………. tijdens install maitenance tool uitklikken bij instalatie opties en na de instalatie direct de auto updates uitzetten aangezien firefox zn structuur heeft veranderd en de apps anders niet werken .
    Enjoy .

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  2. hslot4,
    had een VPS opgezet om anoniem te surfen. Het was een ubuntu image op vultr server, vond het bijzonder traag met remote desktop.


  3. zelf gebruik ik, ook wel startpage geheten.
    DuckDuckgo is amerikaans, dus valt onder de patriot act.
    ixquick is van origine Nederlands. Helaas hebben ze tegenwoordig ook servers in de US staan.

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  4. Laat ze maar wat zeggen ze hun douwen advertenties in mn gezicht en ik klik ze aardig van me toch ? ik verdien er niets aan dus maak me maar wat .

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