Jihad? Stick to the core bone of Islam, ie. Quran and Hadith

Bill Warner reacted on an article on how to think about Jihad

It doesn’t matter what everyone is telling you, imams, friends, apologists or absolute kafirs. Always stick to the islamic scriptures itself for explaining and understanding jihad.

An interesting item by Israel international news;


Examining the “Ten Truths about Jihad

The Muslim Reform Movement’s attempts to represent a merciful, inclusive Islam are best called Fantasy Islam. Learn what the Koran says here.

/…MRM posted on its Facebook page an article titled “Ten Truths about Jihad.” It was written by Imam Dr. Usama Hasan…

/…Hasan wrote;

“The essential Qur’anic teaching about Jihad is that it is a non-violent struggle for goodness of all kinds, and against evil of all types.”

He then referred to two Meccan verses of the Koran to support this statement: 22:78 and 25:52.[3]

But by relying on Meccan verses to support his claim that jihad is to be understood as a non-violent struggle, Hasan is ignoring a doctrine that is fundamental to the understanding of Islam: the Doctrine of Abrogation. As the 13th Century Muslim scholar al-Qurtubi wrote: “This subject is very important and scholars must be aware of it. Only ignorant fools deny it because of the effect of events on rulings and recognition of the halal [permissible] and haram [forbidden].”[4]

In order to understand the Doctrine of Abrogation we must first get a basic understanding of the Koran…

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