Just an anti migrant influx song for nationalists with the right patriotic feelings

Through the whole of Europe, voices are getting louder, more and more people are seeing the devastating consequences of the influx of migrants, apperantly without limits and forced upon us by the EU.

More resistance will come because we’re heading for war this way, which is getting clearer every day.

The mainstraim media cannot hide the European-wide problems anymore with criminals and other fighting-age men demanding us to open OUR gates. Most of them low- or non-skilled, resulting in sucking-dry the welfare systems on which WE worked for years. That’s called welfare jihad or civilisation jihad. Beside migration jihad of course.

Everyone should stop watching these frames and lies in the MSM, go check on the internet for yourself, look for the terrible situations concerning no-go zones in all the major European cities, it’s all on youtube. Chaos and rioting against civilians as well as police, war is on. Innercities overwhelmed with these savages.

Check blogrolls on various nationalists sites to get you straight to the problems in relation to these so-called refugees.

All in all it’s a complete white genocide, replacement of the Europeans. Must we leave this behind for our children? I’ll leave it up to you…

  • Do you hear the people sing? The rise of nationalism in the world

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2 Comments on Just an anti migrant influx song for nationalists with the right patriotic feelings

  1. Goed artikel ,maar het gaat mij veelste langzaam ,dagelijks komen er vele slachtoffers van “Rapefugees en crimineel “schoelje bij ,voor hen telt ,”,het nu !!


  2. Wel @Zwartschakel natuurlijk moet alles agressiever en sneller maar ja, eerst zullen er nog veel meer doden moeten vallen voor oogschellen van de policor lui afvallen… Eerst bij een enorme aanslag alhier zullen mensen worden wakker geschud, tot dan zullen zij allen blijven slapen!


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