The great EU coup! Poland and Hungary form new eastern bloc ‘in bid to OVERTHROW Brussels’

POLAND and Hungary are forming a new Eastern powerhouse in a bid to outmanoeuvre Brussels.

EUThe leaders of the two countries have been holding regular secret meetings in a bit to improve relations and work together.

One political expert said the two countries were putting the (EU) on the spot by working towards their own power hub – with Brussels unable to “do much about it”.

EUHungarian-Polish political scientist Dominik Hejj said: “The relations are very strong, and almost every week a Polish minister visits Hungary and vice versa.”

He said the relations between the two countries and the EU had “cooled down”.

Mr Hejj said the two main parties in each country, PiS in Poland and Fidesz in Hungary, had much in common…

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7 Comments on The great EU coup! Poland and Hungary form new eastern bloc ‘in bid to OVERTHROW Brussels’

  1. De achterdeur staat vast open voor wat leveranties uhm bedoel verzekering uit het oosten, mocht die dronken Marxist rare dingen gaan doen.

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  2. Juncker, Timmermanz en Merkel, de nieuwe Quislings.

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  3. Respect!

    Kan het laffe politieke Nederland een voorbeeld aan nemen.

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  4. I think that Poland has a good chance to become a leader of the eastern EU countries and may be later of the whole EU


  5. A new Sobieski will arrive and save the West Europeans from their elite traitors.

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