From ISIS-Lands to the Netherlands: Jihadists Try to Get the Press to Help Them Come Home

As Mosul falls and Raqqa comes under attack, European jihadists have decided they don’t really love death more than their enemies love life. But… nobody wants them back.

AMSTERDAM—Now that the self-proclaimed caliphate of the so-called Islamic State is falling apart in Syria and Iraq, many European jihadists are looking for ways to come home—and some of the Dutch ones have been reaching out to the media, hoping it will save their lives.

Just last week two fighters contacted TV shows in the Netherlands to announce their return to Dutch soil, a third contacted the police.

The grim irony of such a ploy is obvious. Many would-be holy warriors from European backgrounds have been associated with organizations that took journalists hostage, ransomed some, tortured and beheaded others. When they thought their groups were on a roll, jihadists bragged to their Western enemies “we love death as you love life.” And all too many times in France, Britain, Belgium, and Germany they have slaughtered innocents by the score.

But the three from the Netherlands are part of a group of 10 presumed jihadists who have criminal court cases pending against them…

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5 Comments on From ISIS-Lands to the Netherlands: Jihadists Try to Get the Press to Help Them Come Home

  1. Die dooie moslim rat ziet er goed uit mogen vele een voorbeeld aan hem nemen

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  2. @hslot4, zo te zien is wat ie onderdelen in de loop van de tijd kwijt geraakt.
    Geen Jihadi levend terug, schiet ze allemaal maar naar die 72 ouwe temeiers.
    Dat willen ze toch zo graag.
    Win win
    Het walhalla is van ons.

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  3. skeeter // juli 25, 2017 om 19:46 //

    speciale homecoming lijkt me op zijn plaats.


  4. exter39 // juli 26, 2017 om 01:13 //

    Ik word zo ziek van al dat alla Akbar , meer presenteren ze niet , het enigste wat er in geslagen is bij de koran les hoe dom kun je zijn , om dit tegen een gesilvilisiteerd volk te komen verkondigen .

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