Why they hate us? Because we’re (white westerners) superior to islam, on all areas

And of course because their holy quran tells them to hate us, it’s an obligatory duty from Mohammed himself.

We are considered dirty trash, pigs and apes, lower than the lowest creatures.

So far from the holy scripture…

We all need to eradicate this islam cult from the face of the earth by chosing the right people in our government. Here’s some turkish behaviour on Israel and the USA; the support for these people is still existing and will always be there on the leftwing.

  • Turks hatred targets Israel and Jews on camera

So, what is hate speech?

Doe mee met 7.520 andere volgers

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When you're scared of jumping, you'll never get anywhere... I'm a Kafir, a crusader against the most evil ideology islam. I have in depth knowledge and that's the reason I resist and reject islam, I will bash and smash it, in every possible way at every possible moment to every possible person. I gather and therefore expose all news on islam or islam-related news on the 2017 initiated site ZEEPERTJE.COM Please join and feel free to react. Fight islam for it's the evil of our time, evil trying to dominate and kill democracy, kill all freedom of speech and freedom of religion... Islam means annihilation of all that is non-islamic, just always remember this!

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