Russia ratifies joint military agreement with Armenia

The move shows a commitment to a fraternal nation and could help to resolve the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh in the south Caucasus. The Russian State Duma (parliament) has just ratified an historic agreement for military cooperation with Armenia.

The agreement will see Russian and Armenian troops cooperate on measures including security in the South Caucasus and an anti-terrorism measures.

Armenia and Russia have a long shared history dating back to the Tsarist period. The eastern portion of the historic Armenian homeland became part of Russia in 1828 upon the singing of the Treaty of Turkmenchay between Russia and Iran following the last major Russo-Persian war.

The western portions of historic Armenia had a worse fate under the Ottoman Empire which became increasingly hostile to Armenians as the 19th century wore on.

In 1909 the Adana massacre saw 30,000 Armenians die and many more tortured at the hands of Ottoman ultras.

This was an ominous prelude to the Armenian Genocide of 1915 when the Ottoman state systematically murdered 1.5 Armenians. It is widely recognised as the first modern genocide…

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2 Comments on Russia ratifies joint military agreement with Armenia

  1. Zij beschermen de Christenen wél tegen de bloeddorstige barbaren van de islam.

    We zouden vriendjes moeten worden met onze Europese broeders, de Russen, en de islam gezamenlijk tot poeier stampen.

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  2. Putin zou goed bezig zijn als hij de Armeniërs wat waterstofbommen gaf.
    Problemen moet je altijd in de kiem smoren.

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