Another TAQIYYA whining song… Anti-jihadist Ramadan advert goes viral

Revealed truth below!

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait — A video advertisement that depicts a would-be suicide bomber confronted by the faithful has gone viral two days into the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

“Worship your God with love, not terror” is the main message of the three-minute advert posted Friday online by Kuwaiti telecommunications giant Zain, which operates across the Middle East.

“I will tell God everything,” says the voiceover of a child at the beginning of the ad as a man is seen preparing a bomb.

“That you’ve filled the cemeteries with our children and emptied our school desks…”

  • Publicité Ramadan 2017 – Advertisement Ramadan 2017 – اعلان رمضان 2017

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Truth starts here . . .

I’m pretty sure the this ignition thing is malfunctioning or not even attached, would have turned out a different video eh? This whole advert is insane when you lookup the quran verses concerning the non muslims, all to be killed. This movie is just another deceiving method for the West, and of course… our leaders will swallow this piece of shit like an overripe banana. Mohammed the messenger of God? That’s in the heading pic where it’s going wrong straight away, their rolemodel -and therefore perfect example- is a mysogynist, child rapist, pedophile and warlord murderer but of course every muzrat has to follow in his footsteps, the PERFECT example. please PISSOFF with the whole of this cult. Eradicate ISIS islam from the face of the earth, then, AND ONLY THEN, we will avoid those bloody killings in the name of a “religion”

  • Terror? jihad not seen as terror by muzrats but a holy deed with certain reward by Allah
  • Our children / our schooldesks? indeed, not the children or schooldesks of non muslims
  • Innocent people? Goes only for muslims, every non muslim (objecting Allah) is an enemy and therefore not innocent

Enjoy your day, Zeepertje

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