Islamic State beheads and dismembers dozens of women and children in jihad attack on Shia villages

The series of deadly attacks in the central Hama province targeted villages where most residents belong to the Ismaili branch of Shia Islam.

The Islamic State considers Ismailis apostates, and the Sharia punishment for apostasy is death. But you won’t hear much about Muslim-on-Muslim violence committed in the name of Islam from the mainstream media. The media wants to give the impression that it about us versus them (i.e., Westerners unfairly picking on Muslims).

A leading Muslim group (and many Muslims), meanwhile, were reportedly angered by a British documentary that dared to ask the question, “how Islamic is Islamic State?” A Newsweek report offers some insight: “When It Comes to Beheadings, ISIS Has Nothing Over Saudi Arabia”: the world’s most self-consciously Islamic state behaves in a manner very much like that of…the Islamic State. Saudi Arabia is a massive exporter of Wahhabi ideology and a major funder of mosques worldwide, in which imams are frequently preaching death to apostates, gays and blasphemers; the beating of wives; the permissibility of raping infidel women, etc.

“ISIS behead and dismember dozens of women and children in horrific attack on Syrian villages”, by Bassem Mroue & Lucy Clarke-Billings, Mirror, May 18, 2017:

Islamic State militants have beheaded and dismembered dozens of women and children in horrific attacks on Syrian villages which have left 52 people dead.

The series of deadly attacks in the central Hama province targeted villages where most residents belong to the Ismaili branch of Shia Islam.

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