Taking in refugees ‘much worse’ than EU sanctions – Polish interior minister

Accepting refugees under the EU relocation scheme would “certainly be much worse” than Brussels’ penalties for not doing so, Poland’s interior minister said, following an EU commission warning to Poland and Hungary to implement quotas or face action.

“We mustn’t forget the terror attacks that have taken place in Western Europe, and how – in the bigger EU countries – these are unfortunately now a fact of life,”Mariusz Błaszczak said in an interview on Polish radio.

“Remember that the now very numerous Muslim communities (in western European countries) started out as relatively small numbers,” Błaszczak added.

Błaszczak also said the current migrant crisis is solely a western European problem. “These countries had colonies back in their time, they benefited from Asia’s and Africa’s riches,” he said. “This is an attempt to shift the repayment of those debts on Poland, as well.”

His statement echoes Prime Minister Beata Szydło’s earlier claims that the country “cannot accept refugees.” This comes as the European Commission issued another progress report on the relocation scheme, singling out Poland and Hungary as the only countries which have not taken in a single person, “in breach of their legal obligations.”  

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2 Comments on Taking in refugees ‘much worse’ than EU sanctions – Polish interior minister

  1. danny // mei 19, 2017 om 02:35 //

    Geheel eens met die Poolse minister. Zal je van de eurofielen nooit horen.

    agenten rotterdam bedreigd door erdogan fans.

    Het land uit met die erodgan- adepten.
    Die zaaien alleen maar tweedracht tussen de Turken hier in Nederland.


  2. Republikein // mei 19, 2017 om 03:08 //

    @danny, oeps, je was me voor.
    @topic, niemand die daar Henkie heet.

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