South Africa: Deputy President and government ministers to fast in solidarity with “Palestinians”

The “Palestinian” cause is fashionable among Leftist leaders and spokesmen worldwide. None of those Leftists appear to be aware, or to care, that the foundational principles and beliefs that motivate Muslims to take up that cause are inimical to their own interests.

In this case, South African leaders are endorsing a cause that works directly against them, for the “Palestinian” jihadis, like all jihadis, believe that no government that does not enforce Sharia has any right to exist. These non-Muslim South African leaders would, in the ideal scenario favored by the “Palestinian” hunger strikers, be converted to Islam, subjugated under the hegemony of Sharia, or killed.

What’s more, a canonical hadith depicts Muhammad as buying black slaves, which means that it is permissible to do so under Islamic law: “Jabir (Allah be pleased with him) reported: There came a slave and pledged allegiance to Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) on migration; he (the Holy Prophet) did not know that he was a slave. Then there came his master and demanded him back, whereupon Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) said: Sell him to me. And he bought him for two black slaves, and he did not afterwards take allegiance from anyone until he had asked him whether he was a slave (or a free man).” (Muslim 3901)

“Ramaphosa to fast in solidarity with jailed Palestinians,”, May 13, 2017 (thanks to David):

Johannesburg – Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has joined a number of government ministers and others in pledging to take part in a 24-hour fast in solidarity with more than 1500 Palestinian political prisoners.

Ramaphosa addressed the ANC’s provincial executive committee in Colesberg in the Northern Cape yesterday.

The Palestinian prisoners are on the 25th day of a hunger strike in Israeli prisons, demanding an end to solitary confinement, detention without trial and inadequate medical treatment…

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