ISIS calls on “Muslims in France” to launch Election Day (May 7th) attacks by killing candidates and burning polling stations

An article appearing in the French edition of the terror group’s monthly propaganda magazine “Rumiyah” addresses all Muslims in France stating: “Don’t forget your duty as a Muslim. Choose a candidate to kill & polling station to burn.”

MEMRI Likening Western democracies to ‘?âghût‘ or idol worship, the Islamic State advises supporters to instead put their faith in Allah over a ‘false deity’ and not vote in this weekend’s crucial runoff between Centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron and his rival, Right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen in which Macron is widely expected to emerge the winner.

“1. Do not participate in any way and for any reason in these elections, otherwise you will become unbelieving idolaters…

“2. And for those who will have chosen to remain Muslim by following our father Ibrahim, we remind them that the latter did not merely declare his hatred and his enmity towards his idol worshipping people, but that he also destroyed those idols with his own hands: ‘So he broke them into pieces’ [Quran 21:58] […] Therefore we call upon you to destroy the places of idolatry that are the polling stations…

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  • BREAKING: ISIS Calls For Attacks In Europe To Mark Major Event (first 4 minutes)

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1 Comment on ISIS calls on “Muslims in France” to launch Election Day (May 7th) attacks by killing candidates and burning polling stations

  1. Als ze Macron vermoorden zou dat geen groot verlies zijn voor de democratie.

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