Hospital Forces Christian Paramedics to Recite Quran

Oh, the horror, the terror for non-Muslims living under the sharia.

And it is getting worse (if that is possible) because Western governments, academic and media elites refuse to criticize or question Islam and Islamic law (such self-censorship is in accordance with sharia as well).

A hospital in Lahore is forcing Christian paramedics to recite verses from the Holy Quran

The Express Tribune, April 3, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

LAHORE: Reports suggest that there is a hospital administration in the city that forces its non-Muslim staffers to either recite verses from the Holy Quran at morning assembly or be marked absent for the day.

The Mian Mir Hospital, run by the City District Government Lahore, was named after Sufi saint Hazrat Mian Mir who rose to prominence during the time of Mughal emperor Jehangir. The saint himself was a big proponent of interfaith harmony.

The matter came to light when Mian Mir Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Muhammad Sarfraz allegedly slapped a Christian paramedical staffer for not attending the assembly. Following the incident, all paramedical staff protested against the MS and other hospital administration by shutting down all functions of the medical facility. “This act of the MS is a violation of the Constitution of Pakistan,” commented a Christian paramedical staffer named Marshal.

Talking to the media, he asked religious scholars to sort out the issue as the administration of the hospital was pressurising them to leave their jobs.”

Another paramedical staff member of the medical facility, Fahad Ahmed, said both Muslims and Christians were working in harmony. “It is professional workplace; I don’t know why the administration is forcing our Christian brothers to do this. This is totally unacceptable.”…

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1 Comment on Hospital Forces Christian Paramedics to Recite Quran

  1. Duchesne // mei 4, 2017 om 13:06 //

    I see a positive side to this all…with the diseases coming from Africa and the bacteria coming from the north.
    As the frozen graves of people who died from Anthrax, Plague and for instance Spanish flu become exposed to the melting surface and again contaminate people there will be little fysical resistance in the Muslim world, for they did not have ancestors that encountered these diseases.
    As such many will die from these coming pests….or blessings…

    Last year in Russia people died of Anthrax and Spanish flu is out also….especially this summer so anyone digging up old graves in the artic will have acces tot biological stuff….it will happen.

    So being able to recite Quran verses is usefull, but also learn to say ;” got burn in hell fuckers” in Arabic, for when they pollute our hospitals we can look in their eyes when they check out, and return their lack of respect for us tenfold.

    …so good things are happening but we only see these gifts of nature when they knocks on our front door…and theirs !

    … fear of Islam, just temporarely bound by the treatchery of some of my own countrymen and women and the lack of proper means to fight it.

    Freedom is not celebrating the death of others on some day of the year who fought and died for it, but freedom is to gaurd their deaths were not in vain.
    And only that can be called respect, to keep the legacy intact, not the hoisting of flags of countries that totally shit on freedom, or the lowlife politician uttering of words of gratitude and how people suffered, words written by someone else who got paid for it….they are the filth that stains humanity. We call them politicians.

    Freedom is a gun in the hand of every man and woman who respects life and is willing to fight to preserve this adventure called freedom, both their own and that of the next person.

    Freedom comes from standing up tot tyranny and fighting till the last drop of blood, all else is futile.


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