In 12 years, woman given triple talaq thrice

BAREILLY: A 35-year-old woman who has been given triple talaq in three of her past marriages is terrified that her fourth husband too would leave her in a similar way. “The past 12 years have been a nightmare for me,” she said. “I have nowhere to go if this happens again.”

The first marriage of Tara Khan, who is an illiterate woman, was with Zahid Khan, a resident of Tahaka Nagaria village in Bareilly. “As we never had kids in seven years of marriage, my husband married a younger woman and gave me triple talaq,” said Tara.

When her first marriage ended, she started living at the house of her relatives. Her aunt fixed her second marriage with Pappu Khan of nearby Ghunsa village. “Pappu would often assault me. One day when I resisted, he uttered the dreaded words and left me,” said Tara, whose second marriage ended in three years.

After divorce, the woman shifted to the house of her maternal uncle. “My cousin and uncle asked me to remarry, claiming that I have a long life to live and I need a partner. On their persuasion, I married Sonu of Ghundapur. But as luck would have it, Sonu, too, turned out to be a violent wife-beater. One day he beat me up and left me at the house of my uncle. Just at the gate, before he turned to leave, Sonu gave me triple talaq,” said Tara, recalling her 12 years of struggle. Her third marriage could survive only four months.

Though she was initially reluctant to marry a fourth time, her family managed to convince her to remarry. She entered into matrimony with Shamshad alias Nanhe in July last year. “Things have got very bad for me now and I am terrified that I will be on the roads if Shamshad leaves me. My five brothers who believe that I have brought embarrassment to the family do not want to keep me either. I do not want this marriage to end, come what may. But Shamshad behaves like the others. Where does a Muslim woman go?…

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2 Comments on In 12 years, woman given triple talaq thrice

  1. Duchesne // mei 3, 2017 om 15:28 //

    De vrouw als wegwerp produkt. Als voorwerp.

    Islam kan niet duidelijker zijn, en dit zou een heel duidelijke boodschap moeten zijn waarom Islam niet past in Europa. En toch word dit soort gedrag beschemd en een plaats geboden binnen onze samenleving, wat ofwel acceptatie is ofwel ontkenning.
    Het gebeurd recht voor onze neus, en we willen het niet zien…..

    Ik vraag me af welke vrouw in Europa zich nog veilig voelt, wanneer niemand andere vrouwen beschermd maar toestaat dat ze als poetslap worden gebruikt en weggegooid als het zo uitkomt.

    Vrouwen die gevangen zijn binnen Islam zijn ook rechtenloos in een Europa dat gelijkheid tussen man en vrouw roemt als een van de zegeningen van de unie….om over bescherming nog maar te zwijgen. Ik vraag me af hoe linkse politici hun vrouwen en dochters zien, als handelswaar?


  2. Zij zijn onwetend aangaande islam Duchesne


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