‘It will be 9/11 times A THOUSAND’ Terror chief warns of American BLOODBATH

THE United States will be the target of an attack so bad it will completely eclipse September 11, a terror chief has chillingly warned.

Al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri said the group will “pursue” America because of its “aggression” towards Muslims.In a propaganda video posted on social media, he said: “Our message to the Americans is crystal clear.“9/11 was a direct result of your crimes against us – your crimes in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Levant, Mali, Somalia, Yemen, the Maghreb and Egypt.“It’s a result of your invasions of the houses of Muslims and your theft of their property and your support of the corrupt criminals – the killers that control them.”
Al Qaeda September 11 warning
GETTYWARNING: Al-Qaida’s chief has warned of an attack far worse than September 11…
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4 Comments on ‘It will be 9/11 times A THOUSAND’ Terror chief warns of American BLOODBATH

  1. Ergens kan ik die terrorist wel volgen, het westen heeft niets te zoeken in moslimlanden. Dat ze zelf hun problemen oplossen.

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  2. Het moslim terrorisme is al 14 eeuwen begonnen en toen was er nog geen westerling in
    het Middenoosten te bekennen.

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  3. Pure inteelt krankzinnigen en dat zeker na 1400 jaar


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