Muslims are never happy unless they are trying to force you to break the rules for their religious demands

In late 2016, 16-year-old Amaiya Zafar was banned from competing in the Sugar Bert Boxing National Championships in Florida — but she wasn’t banned for misconduct or breaking the rules. Instead, she was banned for a uniform code violation: wearing her Islamic headbag aka hijab and full bodybag attire.

Allure The 16-year-old is a young Muslim woman who regularly trains while wearing in leggings and a hijab. But according to the officials in the USA Boxing and the International Boxing Association, that was enough to disqualify her from the competition for a uniform violation.

  • This Teen Boxer Is Not Allowed to Fight While Wearing a Hijab

She was completely surprised that her hijab caused…

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  • Video: CAIR-MN Fights for Muslim Teen Boxer’s Right to Wear Hijab

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1 Comment on Muslims are never happy unless they are trying to force you to break the rules for their religious demands

  1. ieznogoedh // april 17, 2017 om 16:59 //

    She was completely surprised that her hijab caused
    Precies! Ze zijn er inmiddels zo aan gewend geraakt dat ze in van alles en nog wat tegemoet gekomen worden, dat het een grote verrassing is als dat eens niet gebeurd.
    Zo laag is de westerse wereld al gezakt.


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