Report: Sweden Infiltrated By More Than Just Refugees, Hamas-Supporting Group Now Entrenched

A report has been issued in Sweden documenting decades of activity in the Nordic nation by the Muslim Brotherhood, which originated in Egypt. The report, commissioned by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, met with fierce backlash from Swedish academics. 20 Swedish researchers wrote a condemnation of the report, calling the research “substandard” and claiming it lacks evidence and sources.

In Sweden, any facts that contradict the government sanctioned and politically correct narrative will be met with aggressive resistance. Given what is known about the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities worldwide, the claims in this new report are not strange, and it is possible that these Swedes are denying reality, or failing to think creatively about a kind of problem with which they are unfamiliar.

According to the report, the Muslim Brotherhood is well-established in Sweden and has been operating there since the late 1970s. The organization has a number of Muslim-Swedish organizations operating as front groups, as is standard practice for the Brotherhood. They are all linked to the Islamic Association in Sweden, which the Brotherhood formed in the 1990s as a front group for its activities.

The Islamic Association in Sweden has founded other Islamic organizations in the country, such as Ibn Rush, Sweden Young Muslims, and Islamic Relief. Through these organizations the Muslim Brotherhood taps into taxpayer funding and gains influence in many corners of Muslim-Swedish society. The authors of the report conclude that the Muslim Brotherhood is “building a parallel social structure, which poses a long-term challenge in terms of Sweden’s future social cohesion.”

The Muslim Brotherhood (Logo: The symbol of the Muslim Brotherhood: two swords, Quran, the words “And prepare.”) has been labelled a terrorist organization by Russia, Bahrain, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Its slogans include “Islam is the Solution,” and “Allah is our objective; the Qur’an is the Constitution; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; death for the sake of Allah is our wish.”…

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2 Comments on Report: Sweden Infiltrated By More Than Just Refugees, Hamas-Supporting Group Now Entrenched

  1. polderboy // april 10, 2017 om 09:08 //

    Lees hier dat de Sint Petersburg metrokiller zijn islam vorming in moslimbroederland Turkije heeft gehad.
    Onbekend is of hij door moslimbroeder Erdogan als moordcommando Syrië is ingestuurd, via de vele routes die er zijn, maar hij was over 2016 volledig van de radar verdwenen!!

    Met alleen al de enorme Turkse moslimbroeder aanhang van Erdogan hier in Nederland, afgezien van de broeders die maandelijks worden binnengesleept, en de reeds uit andere radicaal islamitische landen reeds aanwezige broeders, die vrij door Europa kunnen reizen, zal Nederland zich steeds sterker profileren als thuishaven voor de islam-fascisten.
    Brussel, met hun corporate achterban, zal weinig doen aan deze knokploegen, gelijk Hitlers knokploegen gesteund werden door de “liberale” groot bedrijven voor WOII, maar het zal hier uiteindelijk het tegenovergestelde opleveren dan waar de “multiculturelen” zeggen naar te streven.


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