ONE MILLION more Muslim migrants to come to Europe

It’s like watching a violent train crash in slow motion.

EU measures to address the invading army is like an elephant attacking a host of ants. The elephant will kill thousands, perhaps even millions, of ants, but in the end their numbers will overcome him, and he will be eaten to the bone. (paraphrasing Colonel Bernd Von Kielst).

ONE MILLION more migrants to come to Europe as EU action ‘too little too late’

MORE than one million migrants are “in the pipeline” in Libya and hoping to reach European shores because the European Union has not done enough to tackle the crisis, a senior diplomat has said.

By Aletha Adu, The Express, Mar 31, 2017:
Joseph Walker-Cousins, former head of the British Embassy in Benghazi, accused the EU of doing “too little, too late” in regards to the migrant crisis.

Giving evidence at the House of Lords’ EU External Affairs Sub-Committee, the diplomat said the officials should have been patrolling Libya’s land borders 1,400km to the south.

But instead, he claimed, they chose to deal with migrants only when they were a “stone’s throw from Europe”…

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2 Comments on ONE MILLION more Muslim migrants to come to Europe

  1. Fijn om helden te ontmoeten👍
    Onze leefomgeving is ziek. We hebben een goede dokter nodig.

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  2. ieznogoedh // april 3, 2017 om 02:40 //

    Als “onze” politici het over een miljoen hebben, dan kan je er vergif op innemen dat het er minstens drie miljoen zullen zijn. Het zijn en blijven immers leugenaars.


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