Pakistan: Muslims murder Christian in the street because he refused to work on Sunday

Noman was a simple sanitary worker and had no enmity with anyone. His refusal to clean the Muslim’s dera [outhouse] apparently led to his killing.

The plight of Pakistani Christians was discussed last summer at the European Union headquarters in Brussels, amid rising escalations of violence against Christians in Pakistan, but no action ensured.

Rev. Dr. Russell Barr, Moderator of the Church of Scotland, has stated “that the perpetrators of Christian persecution are being cushioned by the police” in Pakistan.

Violence against Christians by Muslims who justify it by reference to Islamic texts and teachings is greeted globally with complacency and silence.

“Pakistani Christian killed in the street had refused to work on a Sunday”, by Joseph Hartropp, Christian Today, March 30, 2017:

A young Christian in Pakistan was shot and killed in the street allegedly for refusing the demands of an influential Muslim that he work on a Sunday, his day off.

Noman Munir Masih, 20 lived in Sheikhupura in Punjab Province, working in a local sanitation department. He was on his way to work with his brother-in-law and uncle on March 20 when he was attacked and killed, according to Morning Star News.

‘They were about to leave after dropping off Noman when suddenly two motorcyclists arrived there,’ Norman’s mother Khalida Bibi said.

‘One of them whipped out a pistol and opened fire on Noman, killing him instantly.’…

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2 Comments on Pakistan: Muslims murder Christian in the street because he refused to work on Sunday

  1. polderboy // april 1, 2017 om 02:23 //

    In pakistan n et nog pakweg 22 sjiieten weggeblazen, en vorige maand wat soefi’s -stuk of 90- keurig opgeruimd, en nog 14 – los spul – bij een bomexplosie.
    Allemaal principieel ongelovig volgens de strikt soennitische leer uit Mekka. Overigens werk van Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, die iets met Taliban en IS te maken hebben, maar dus niets met de vredelievende soennieten in Pakistan:

    Trouwens, ze hebben in Pakistan wel wat anders aan hun hoofd om zich druk over te maken, dan een paar dode ongelovigen.
    Ze vechten daar voor mensenrechten en vrijheid van religie, want Wilders, oh horror, die wil de-islamisatie:

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  2. En die hebben van ons, in opdracht van de Amerikanen, een atoombom gekregen.

    Voor het broodnodige evenwicht, ofzo.

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