SWEDEN threatens to sue Hungary for refusing to take back 5,000 illegal alien Muslim invaders from Sweden

Sweden says, “We have almost 5,000 cases where people are registered as asylum seekers in Hungary, but Hungary will not take them back when we try to send them,” (GOOD!) said immigration and Justice Minister Morgan Johansson.

Apparently, the Muslim freeloaders weren’t happy with the prison-like accommodations they were given in Hungary, so they fled to Sweden, the welfare-seekers paradise.

Championed by leader Viktor Orban, Hungary has voted emphatically against accepting EU migrant quotas, exit polls suggest, in a cry of defiance against Brussels that is likely to cement the country’s status as the leader of a “counter-revolution” against the bloc’s central powers.

Friatider The Swedish government argues that Hungary violates the Dublin rules, which means that a refugee seek protection in the first safe country they come to. Arable asylum seeker on to other EU countries, the person is sent back to the first country. According to Morgan Johansson, the European Commission’s responsibility to ensure that this Agreement is held.

On Monday, EU asylum and migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos went to Hungary to discuss among other things the issue with the authorities. But he got no positive response. On its website , the Hungarian Government declared that it gives priority to focus its resources on its own citizens…

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6 Comments on SWEDEN threatens to sue Hungary for refusing to take back 5,000 illegal alien Muslim invaders from Sweden

  1. Hoop dat ze een hele dikke vinger krijgen van Orban.


  2. Ongetwijfeld, no one fucks with Orbán


  3. ieznogoedh // maart 27, 2017 om 23:36 //

    Zielige Zweden.
    Ze zijn toch zo gelukkig met al die verrijkers? Nou voel je rijk dan maar.
    Dat ze zoveel rijkdom weg willen sturen, je snapt het niet.
    En die Orban, die blijft liever arm. Hij is duidelijk de slimmerdste in deze kwestie.


  4. Stuur ze toch rechtstreeks terug naar hun land van herkomst.


  5. JackvanderVeen // maart 29, 2017 om 06:39 //

    Zweden heeft een heel mooie zee daar boven helemaal in het noorden. Volgens mij ligt daar aan de horizont de weg naar het eeuwige leven. Dus laat ze duiken!!! Is goed voor heel europa.


  6. @Jack, wil jij de lokale ijsberenpopulatie niet in gevaar brengen met je doldrieste ideeën?.


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