A Tribute to Geert Wilders

I drew this cartoon earlier this week in the anticipation that Geert Wilders might win the Dutch election. Wilders stood for halting the rising tide of Islam in the Netherlands as well as Europe. He was also for stemming the EU’s globalist hegemony and returning power to the people. Naturally, the EU loves endless Muslim immigration because it weakens nationalism and allows globalism to tighten its grip.

geert wilders erdogan eu cartoon ben-garrison

We also heard the cries of “Nazi” from such leaders as Erdogan, who himself is much more akin to Hitler than anyone protesting Islam. After all, the Turkish tyrant wants Islam to conquer Europe and he hopes to control that new ‘caliphate.’ He told his fellow Turks at home and in Europe that “You are the future of Europe.” He continues to threaten a dump of millions more Muslim ‘immigrants’ into Europe while calling for a holy war, or jihad. This will mean even more crime and terrorism committed by Muslim immigrants throughout Europe.
Wilders and LePen are at least trying to create some momentum to stop that invasion. They’re not only trying to protect their own countries, but they’re also raising awareness that western civilization itself is at stake. Do we really want to see Europe fall to Sharia Law? There will be honor killings and child marriages (like the one their leader Mohammed himself had—he married a nine year-old). Do we really want to see gays prosecuted? Stoning and beheadings? There will be rise in female sexual mutilations as well as the general oppression of women. Christians and Jews will be attacked. This is how Islam spreads—by force. I too once bought the malarky that Islam is a religion of peace. No, it has always spread by violence. Lebanon used to be a Christian country. Now it’s Muslim. Afghanistan used to be Buddhist. Now it’s Muslim. Pakistan used to be a Hindu country. Now Muslim by force.
My friend Enrique from Spain told me that we shouldn’t give up just yet. Wilders gained seats. Le Pen may not win either, but awareness is being raised. So I decided to publish this cartoon anyway.
It’s time to get over the Political Correctness hurdle and start trying to save western civilization while there’s still time.

Ben Garrison

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3 Comments on A Tribute to Geert Wilders

  1. geweldige cartoon plak juist het twitter bericht onder me laatste stukje


  2. Ik botste er op GAB tegenaan…


  3. Racism is just like racism!
    About Wilders they say, he is like Hitler. A not very intelligent conclusion, but if we are so carefully for our democracy…
    When they compare Wilder, Le Penn with Hitler, why not Erdo with his gangbang!
    Why are they afraid of European fascism and totally quite about Islam fascism?!
    Has it something to do with the aggression, with the fact that these kind of muslim and the ones who are to cowardly to speak up to there own fascist people?!
    In Holland there is a problem with “zwarte piet” what suggest that white people are masters and black, coloured people are slaves.
    This is far-fetched, maybe once, but then the Holland people have to be angry on the Spanish people, because in the 16th / 17th century, Holland was occupied by the Spanish.
    Sinterklaas is from 1427.
    This proves that the ones who original are not Holland people, are only provoke the Holland society.
    Wilders, the PVV is attacked by the main-stream.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if the party DENK or people like Silvana Simons don’t have this knowledge.
    They don’t have any interest in the society, they don’t care about the people of there original land.
    They fled for it.
    They couldn’t create a better life for themselves, for there family of friends.
    They abandon it al.
    But know there is a kind of Hitler in power of there country who they abandoned, now they react like sissies, traitors, Nazis!
    The comparison Wilders with Hitler is an expression of a bunch of morons, who seem to have no awareness of the regime of Hitler.
    Would Hitler had a dark skin and Hitler would have been a Muslim, then the Islamic people had marched for Hilter.
    The lefties had said, but they look like transvestites but they wear beards and so it is probably not so dangerous and wrong.
    The victory of the capitalistic party the VVD proves that the rich Dutch don’t care about there people!
    It wouldn’t surprise me, if they try to use the fascism of the Islam for there own fascism, to get rid of the worthless citizens who can’t compete in the capitalistic rat-race, without the risk that they will be accused from fascism themselves.
    Geert Wilders is also a big thread for these capitalistic fascist, like Marie Le Penn also is.
    One Wonan, from the PVV is thread by a bunch of traitors.
    A bunch of Turkey’s fascist protested with violence.
    And president Rutte who bought the elections makes his excuse at the Turky’s Hitler.
    Wilders is the one who fight against this muslim-fascism, while other ones try already to get privileges from the new A (achmet) Hitler.

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