SHOCK VIDEO: 80-Yr-Old Italian Hotel Owner FORCED by Police to House ‘Refugees’

Shocking video out of Italy shows an 80-year-old hotel owner try and barricade the doors to his hotel to avoid being forced to house a small army of so-called “refugees,” all of whom appear to be military-aged males from Africa.

From Diversity Macht Frei:

The elderly gentleman in the video is Luigi Fogli, a businessman in his 80s, who runs a hotel (Hotel Lory) in Ficarolo, in the province of Rovigo. Not long ago, he inquired about providing asylum accommodation services from the local government, but chose not to pursue the matter further when he found out that he would only be paid 7 euros per “refugee” per night. At that point, the local prefecture simply confiscated his hotel and forced the invaders upon him.

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1 Comment on SHOCK VIDEO: 80-Yr-Old Italian Hotel Owner FORCED by Police to House ‘Refugees’

  1. ongesgoolde // november 19, 2016 om 22:43 //

    Haha, serves him right.


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