Disasters averted

By:Srdja Trifkovic | November 09, 2016

Last night’s divine surprise is important more for the many bad things that will not happen than for the good ones that may happen. That Donald Trump won in spite of his many blunders, and in spite of the mainstream media machine acting as an integral part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, indicates the magnitude of the elite-class debacle. Many disasters will be averted now.

The appointment of one, two, or even three Ruth Bader Sotomayor clones will not happen. There will be no mass amnesty for the illegals. The Clinton crime syndicate will no longer be able to operate with impunity, and its principals may face justice. (After all, Hillary Clinton has said that Nelson Mandela was her role model, and he was elected president only after he had served 27 years in prison.) There will be no second-generation Clinton dynasts. There will be no more mass pardons of hardened criminals. There will be no more bowing before Saudi royal kleptocrats, and no White House Iftar dinners with halal menus. There will be no mass influx of Syrian “refugees.” There will be no more “progressive projects” to erode the remnants of the Republic. There will be no more trashing of white working Americans. There will be no Humas in the Oval Office, no Nulands in the Cabinet and no Foundation donors in the anteroom.

Most importantly, there will be no meaningless wars in pursuit of hegemony for its own sake. >>

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