Police Warn of Child Rape Epidemic in Migrant-Occupied Malmo

Following separate incidents in which children were raped in broad daylight in the multicultural city of Malmö, police warn that the number of sex attacks on young people could “escalate”.

Police spokesman for the region, Ewa-Gun Westford, disclosed that the force is seeing an increasing number of sexual assaults against children in Malmö. She said: “Some cases concern rapes while in other cases it’s sexual molestation, and we think [this situation] could escalate.”

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2 Comments on Police Warn of Child Rape Epidemic in Migrant-Occupied Malmo

  1. ieznogoedh // november 11, 2016 om 13:37 //

    Heeft niets, maar dan ook helemaal niets met islam te maken!


  2. As a result of this, sexual assaults against children in Malmö, many sandpit asshole will return to them place of birth, with a much bigger problem as they had before they left.
    You can’t drive around in a wheelchair in a sandpit.
    The future is the same as a piece of rubber what you can buy in a western sexshop.
    Probably they make the same sounds.


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