Donald Trump now LEADS Hillary Clinton in latest national tracking poll – as enthusiasm for the Democratic candidate dips


  • Hillary Clinton’s 12 point lead from nine days ago has vanished, with Donald Trump now leading in a national tracking poll by 1 point 
  • Clinton had already been losing ground when FBI Director James Comey wrote to congress Friday saying investigators found more emails 
  • Now Clinton sits behind Trump in voter preference and is 8 points ahead of the Democratic nominee in enthusiasm with one week until Election Day  

Donald Trump has leapfrogged over Hillary Clinton in the newest national ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll.

Trump is now 1 point ahead of his Democratic rival, earning 46 percent of likely voters’ support, compared to Clinton’s 45 percent.

This is a shocking reversal from just nine days ago, when Clinton was 12 points ahead.

Then Trump was being bombarded by accusations from women of sexual misconduct, including groping and kissing without their permission, while Clinton looked to be smooth sailing to the White House.

But even before Friday’s revelation written by FBI Director James Comey in a letter to congress – that more conversations from Clinton’s secret server had been discovered – the Democrat was losing ground and the race was tightening.

By Sunday, one week after the daily tracking poll launched, Clinton was ahead by just 1 point, and now she’s behind The Donald by the same.

Voter enthusiasm for Clinton, a metric she’s struggled with all year, had finally topped Trump’s on October 22, but has again dipped below.

Trump leads Clinton by 8 points in voter enthusiasm with 53 percent of likely voters saying they’re very enthusiastic about voting for the billionaire, while 45 percent say that of Clinton.

Nine days ago, Clinton was at 52 percent and Trump at 49 percent.

Trump’s 1 point lead nationally is within the poll’s margin of error as the race is, as ABC’s pollsters put it, ‘exceedingly close.’

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6 Comments on Donald Trump now LEADS Hillary Clinton in latest national tracking poll – as enthusiasm for the Democratic candidate dips

  1. Esperanza // november 1, 2016 om 17:47 //

    Hopefully a party soon.


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    Nog een paar oldies.


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    Zo kan ’t ook.


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    Laatste, deze voor rommel.

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