3 Star General Warns Muslim Brotherhood Will Complete White House Infiltration with a Hillary Presidency…

Obama’s personal ties or affinities towards Islam are well known…but now information is beggining to suggest that his relationship with his titled “religion of peace” is much darker that we could have imagined.  According active 3-star General William Jerry, Obama has already let the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrate the White House, as well as allowed individuals associated with the Muslim Brotherhood to hold high security clearances within the Pentagon and Department of Defense.

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4 Comments on 3 Star General Warns Muslim Brotherhood Will Complete White House Infiltration with a Hillary Presidency…

  1. Dit is op eunmask herblogden reageerde:
    Generaal waarschuwt: Obama heeft de Moslim Brotherhood in het Witte huis laten infiltreren!


  2. Dit is op NEWS GURU by G. Tienkamp herblogden reageerde:


  3. ‘But while the Muslim brotherhood has been made illegal in Egypt, the Obama administration still refuses to label the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. Under Obama, Islam became untouchable, not open to any kind of criticism. He even claimed that “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.”

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton followed suit, and hosted several closed-door conferences in Washington and London on “Defamation of Religion,” to suppress free speech and internationally criminalize any criticism of Islam with fines and prison.’

    Op het moment is er, vanuit dezelfde hoek, overleg om ook Hamas van de terroristenlijst af te halen …………. !!


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