REVEALED: Calais Jungle has cost France nearly £200m – and is about to cost £100m more

FRANCE has spent hundreds of millions of euros on the Calais shanty town, and will now spend millions more to destroy it

The French government has splashed out a total of ‎€210m (£186m) on the ‘Jungle’ tent camp in the last two years, and is expected to spend an additional €110m (£98m) in 2017 on the rehousing plan alone.

The true cost of the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp – which was revealed by the French daily Le Figaro – was included in a refugee-related budget for 2017 drafted by Eric Ciotti, a conservative right-wing MP.

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2 Comments on REVEALED: Calais Jungle has cost France nearly £200m – and is about to cost £100m more

  1. Esperanza // oktober 26, 2016 om 01:21 //

    No surprise at all.😦


  2. Dat is niks. Wacht maar op de echte rekening. De moslims zullen ons in de Atlantic smijten.


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