Syrian Kurds accuse US officers of supporting Turkey’s attacks on the SDF

Turkey-backed rebels on Friday attacked positions held by the pro-Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Tal Rafaat District. The Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) accused American officers of cooperating in the incursion.

Friday’s attacks was preceded by Turkish airstrikes, which hit the villages of Um al-Housh, Um al-Qura and Hasiya in Aleppo’s northern countryside on Thursday. Ten SDF fighters and four civilians were killed, while dozens of others were wounded.

The Islamic State (ISIS) was pushed out of these villages in August and September as part of the SDF’s drive to reach al-Bab city. The People’s Protection Units (YPG), the lead force within the SDF, seeks to seize al-Bab and thereby connect Northern Syria – Rojava’s (NSR) canton administrations.

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2 Comments on Syrian Kurds accuse US officers of supporting Turkey’s attacks on the SDF

  1. polderboy // oktober 22, 2016 om 14:56 //

    Gelukkig heeft Lavrov er wat van gezegd, dat ongestraft bombarderen van Syrisch Koerdische burgers door de Turken: “Flikt Turkije het weer, dan zal een afwijzing volgen.”


  2. Ken jij Russisch of Grieks, polderboy.
    Ik weet niet eens welke taal dit is.


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