Culturele verrijking en diversiteit in Amsterdamned; 3 moorden in 4 dagen

On Saturday afternoon Djordy Latumahina was gunned down in the parking lot beneath his home on Koningin Wilhelminaplein. His girlfriend was critically injured, but is now recovering. Their 2-year-old daughter witnessed the shooting, but was not injured.

Earlier on Saturday a 44-year-old man was shot in killed in a fight in Amsterdam-West. Two other men, age 44 and 50, were injured. According to the police, the victims in both shootings aren’t involved in serious crime.

On Monday the police also revealed that the man found dead in a burning apartment on Barbusselaan on Friday, was murdered. According to NRC, he was also shot. The police believe the victim is the 54-year-old resident of the flat. But they are awaiting the results of a DNA test to confirm.

And on Tuesday last week 42-year-old Amsterdam criminal R.S. was gunned down in sight of a primary school and its students in Osdorp.

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