Radicalization is ‘matter of few weeks,’ mosques key to process – German media

Mosques in Germany are playing an important part in radicalization and recruiting of jihadist fighters, according to an investigation by local media. It adds that radicalization takes only a few weeks.

According to the  by the German FAZ, mosques across the country remain “an important” hub for recruiting radical Islamists. Over 40 percent of the Salafists – members of the ultra-radical Sunni Islam branch – who later went to Syria and Iraq have been active in the respective religious sites.

The paper is citing an unpublished report by the German Federal Office for Constitutional Protection (BfV). According to the document, out of 624 Salafists who later went to the Middle East countries for radical purposes, 268 have been attending mosques.

“The mosques continue to play a central role for the radicalization of Islamists in Germany,” BfV spokeswoman told FAZ. According to the body there are currently 9,200 persons considered to be members of the Salafist movement across the country.

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De foto is van een moskeet in India.

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3 Comments on Radicalization is ‘matter of few weeks,’ mosques key to process – German media

  1. Denken julie werkelijk dat radicaisatie’s in Nederland niet plaats vind ? ook hier is het voor al de Moskee’s die dat teweeg brengt.


  2. corbison // oktober 10, 2016 om 17:40 //

    Islam is the same as the black plague, its an deadly disease


  3. Rosa Luxemburg // oktober 10, 2016 om 19:05 //

    Islam is terreur en de sociaal fascisten van de Pvda, GL en D66 zijn hun handlangers.
    Reken eerst met de handlangers af!!!.


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