Who is really orchestrating all the terror outbreaks across Europe?

I’m going to get straight to it … the problem is not so much radical Islam, but radical globalism.

It’s the globalists who are the source of all the current terrorism going on in the Middle East and across Europe today. They are funding and organising it, through their own rogue agencies, to protect their tax-free lifestyles which keep them way above the rest of us, with all their ill-gotten gains salted away in bogus charitable foundations and offshore accounts.

You may think it’s not that simple – but the truth is only complicated when the smoke and mirrors prevent you from being able to see what it is. When the smoke and mirrors don’t work anymore, the truth is revealed in all its simplicity. The smoke and mirrors are currently being dismantled by emails that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is promising to release soon, showing what we knew all along really, if it hadn’t been so well hidden in plain sight.

In the meantime, Jane’s Defence Weekly – not known for being a conspiracy mag – published details last year of Obama and Hillary’s arms shipments to ISIS, which you can read about here .

However apart from all the leaks – among the usual suspects, such as George Soros, there’s another name to conjure with, that of the chairman of Goldman Sachs and head of the UN’s Global Forum on Migration and Development.

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3 Comments on Who is really orchestrating all the terror outbreaks across Europe?

  1. De Koraan dus nabi Mohammad zelf is de oorzaak van terrorisme


  2. Politici en activisten in India en Pakistan zijn hard aan het lobbyen om de Japanse robotkat Doraemon van tv te weren.
    Volgens vijanden van de mangakat bederft het fantasiedier de ziel van kijkertjes.
    “Onze kinderen leren onbewust woordjes in het Hindi (Indiase taal, red.) wat de puurheid van onze taal en onze religieuze overtuigingen aantast”.


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