‘Anti-mosque’ law passed in northern Italy

The Italian region of Liguria has approved a controversial law that may make it almost impossible for new mosques to be built in the area. Critics describe the law as anti-constitutional.

The set of new rules suggested by the Northern League party was adopted by a narrow majority, with 16 votes in favor and 15 against on Wednesday, according to Italian newspaper Il Secolo XIX.

The new restrictions define the criteria a new religious building should meet to gain a construction permit.

Any such construction must not run counter to the “architectural and dimensional suitability of religious buildings with the general and specific characteristics of the Ligurian landscape,” the paper reported, meaning mosques and minarets may be found “un-Ligurian” and as such don’t belong to the current image of the region.

The law, though not attributed to any particular religion, has been dubbed “anti-mosque” by local media outlets.

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3 Comments on ‘Anti-mosque’ law passed in northern Italy

  1. Rosa Luxemburg // oktober 1, 2016 om 23:21 //

    Fascistische gebouwen dienen te worden opgeblazen, geen broeinesten van religieus fascisme toestaan.


  2. Wanneer komt de anti Mosque wet ook bij ons ?Niet alleen in Lombardije


  3. ieznogoedh // december 1, 2016 om 10:59 //

    Een klein stapje voor een mens, een veel grotere stap voor de mensheid.


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